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Sunday, August 12, 2012

thanks for all the fish...

Well I think it's time to wrap things up here, at least for a good while. I just want to thank a few people for their involvement and support. First and foremost, thanks to Michael Long, for his incredible insight, as well as his friendship. Thank you to Tyler, Jack Angstreich, M. Delaflor, Michael Russell, Tom Cantine, Glenn Peoples, James Anderson, Brian Knapp, Josh Rasmussen, Tom Watkins, Larry, Matthew Flannagan, and Matt Slick. Though some of you may not even realize it, you all have helped me greatly in this project, and I deeply appreciate it. Thanks also to all those folks who helped out, but whose names I have regrettably forgotten. I still plan on commenting on other blogs, and perhaps even posting occasional updates here. However I no longer have the time to maintain this blog with any regularity. So I am changing its status to that of archive, and leaving it open to comments.